Established in Lincolnshire in 2012, Know Media was created because of a long-term passion for video production. Before Know Media in those early days filming our friends skating and riding their bikes, we caught the bug for producing video content because of its capability to tell compelling stories and make people really feel something. Filmmaking is our skillset, one that we have naturally developed out of pride and passion but surprisingly actual video production only takes a relatively small percentage of our time. We only pick the camera up once we have a clear vision for our clients in place and this only happens once we fully understand our clients goals.

Alongside filmmaking, we naturally developed a knack for understanding people and most importantly listening to them. This is what lies at the core of our ethos. Even if you have developed your technical skills, got the right team in place and have the very best equipment available, filmmaking requires that all important ingredient to work on any level; engaging storytelling. We absolutely love meeting people and listening to stories about themselves, their passion, their ethos, their product, their brand, their pride and joy or whatever it may be. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, we love to listen.

We think that our natural curiosity and the enjoyment we get from understanding other people is why we enjoy what we do so much because we can help others express themselves and genuine, authentic expression is the greatest way to engage an audience. We want to make films that have weight and feeling, films that cut through the noise. From developing ideas in pre-production through to the excitement of seeing it all come together in post-production, Know Media is about producing engaging video content and engaging video content is about telling compelling stories. That, in a nutshell, is why we offer more than just video production.