The moment you step into our new studio here at Britannia House, you can feel something exciting is happening.

We’ve set it up so the soft lighting, dark wood floors and exposed brick helps to transport you to a world away from it all and immediately inspires you to get creative.


The bare brick walls of the iconic Britannia building provided a great canvas for us to create a space full of character


We love it.

And we know you will too.

We can’t wait to show you around so you can see for yourself just how much this new space will help us provide you with even more stunning video content. That’s what it’s really all about.

In fact, if you didn’t already know, thanks to the introduction of our new COVID safe filming techniques, we’re already up and running again, working with new clients and old.

And as restrictions ease further, we’re really looking forward to inviting you for a tour of our brand-new studio here at Britannia House.


Originally built and opened in 1907 as a traditional ale house, the building has expanded over the years and has now been redeveloped to accommodate a range of different office sizes and commercial spaces


Look, we know a lot of our existing clients used to love to visit and catch up over a coffee at our old base in Brigg. And, of course, we have so many fond memories of our first digs too.

But as our own story develops and more and more clients from around the UK come to us for help and support, the move to a bigger studio was a natural step we needed to take.

And as we sit here now, throwing ideas back and forth across the new space, already busy and working hard on new projects, we know we made the right decision.

You’ll get to see why for yourself soon.

Location, Location, Location


For us, location is always a big issue.

Just as we do when working with clients to source the right location for a shoot, we considered a lot of places before we moved.

But when we viewed the newly rejuvenated Britannia House here in Scunthorpe…wow. We knew instantly it was the right place for the next chapter of the know story.


Britannia House is fast becoming an exciting hub of regeneration for business in the heart of North Lincolnshire


For one, it puts us in the heart of North Lincolnshire. That means we’re even more accessible for so many of the loyal local businesses we’re honoured to support.

But with quicker access to the M180 and the M1 beyond, it also means we’re much more connected to our clients in the Midlands, in London and even further afield.

We always think of our clients first, but from a personal point of view, we’re closer now to our homes now too. That means we can cut down on the carbon by walking and cycling into the studio. It’s a small thing but means a lot to us.

Fact is, as you’ll sense when you visit, there is a definite buzz here and, as locals, we believe Scunthorpe is really beginning to build again.

Indeed, we’re excited to be an active part of the increasing regeneration and we can’t wait to welcome more innovative new businesses to join us at Britannia House.

We’re looking forward to having more creatives come along to make use of the shared workspaces too, and for more people and businesses to rediscover the town centre itself.

Our Studio, Your Space


So yes, the location is great. But, more than anything…

We’re truly excited about the new space itself.

For all the many positives of our old home in Brigg, we were simply growing too big to deliver the high level of stunning video content we pride ourselves on.

We needed more studio space. And that’s what we’ve got.


New rustic workspaces for our team


It means we can collaborate more easily, exploring ideas together in a single space.

It means we can shoot video content here on-site and with much greater freedom.

And it means we can house all the latest equipment we’ve invested in, so your content is always produced to the highest quality and standards.


We continually invest in new equipment and technology to provide the highest possible quality for our clients


Like I say, our new home here at Britannia House really means we’re able to provide you with even more stunning video content.

To us, that’s what really matters.


Our new space is full of interesting details for you to enjoy when you visit


And with even more room for know to grow in the future, we’ll be here for a while. It’s why we’re setting things up nice and comfy for you to visit.

Indeed, we can’t wait to invite you to drop in…

Let you kick back on the leather sofas…

And tell us all about your ideas for the next video project you’re looking to cook up with the help of our new studio.


Technology and tradition contrast in our contemporary creative space


In fact, when you do visit, we’ve got a few surprises lined-up for you that you’ve just got to see.

So, if your fixing up to film something new, or you’d just like to chat and see how we could help you with video content more generally, we’re here to talk.


We continue to grow, work with new clients and develop our brand. We are very excited about the future of know


As always, just give us a call on 01724 487140 or email us at

With the studio move now complete, it’s an exciting time here at know.

But the fact is, we always get most excited when we’re helping great businesses like yours tell the story your customers are waiting to hear.

We look forward to helping you do that very soon.