The Client – Looking for Digital Influencer Marketing

Becky Li is not your average digital influencer. The journalist-turned-fashion-blogger is one of the most influential of her kind in China. As part of her digital influencer marketing, she counts more than 3 million followers on Weibo and more than 4.5 million followers on WeChat.

She has unprecedented influence over the shopping behaviour of her followers and her brand, Beckys Fantasy, has proven popularity, releasing new collections every season.

The Brief – Fun House!

Our challenge was to create editorial content for each of her new collections as they launch throughout the year. This particular collection, Becky’s Pink Winter 2018, is to be worn when out enjoying life with friends and partying, and so we knew this film had to have the fun factor right from the start!

After pre-production meetings with the digital influencer to define the concept, we explored locations in London and cast agency models to create the right feeling. We wanted to create a selection of relatable feel-good moments to bring the viewer into the video and ultimately, Becky’s online store.

The Outcome

The video featured on both Beckys Weibo and WeChat social media blogs, and achieved great success, with sales figures through the roof. The collection proved to be very popular with her audience in China – perfect for any digital influencer marketing goals!

As well as increased sales, it also received positive engagement, with many people sharing her content and raising brand awareness because of its feel-good factor.