The Client

E-Factor Group has one thing on its mind… how best to assist entrepreneurs and local business owners achieve the success they are after. Whether that’s rapid growth, maintaining the business or even selling the company, that’s how a Local Business Community can help.

From an office or industrial unit to rent to find the finance needed to grow, from meeting with hundreds of other local business people through to sitting down with an experienced Advisor to discuss the future of a client’s business, E-Factor is there for SMEs.

The Brief

E-Factor Group commissioned us to produce this business video as part of the most significant piece of research carried out on Local Businesses in North East Lincolnshire.

The film captures the spirit of the small local business community and outlines its importance in the local economy. These passionate entrepreneurs, and thousands like them, are the future of our economy, 100% invested in the area.

The Outcome

The business promotion video is being used UK wide as part of a presentation to promote investment in the region. It is also being shared regularly on social media channels and has inspired meaningful discussion amongst E-Factors primary audience, the small business community.


“When we needed a business promotion video that represents the message we were trying to convey, in a way that reflects the real culture of our company, we struck gold with know. The ‘Who are the small business community?’ film they created was to such a standard, I was proud to debut it at our 300 strong business conference- Business Hive Live.

Needless to say, its impact was immediate. It was met with an unprompted round of enthusiastic applause, followed by high praise from everyone who watched it. Luke and Pete’s ability to take my sketchy idea and a rather off the wall description of what I wanted and turn it into more than I hoped for, was remarkable. I recommend these guys to anyone looking for something extra special in their video production.” – Mark Webb, Managing Director, E-Factor Group

Local Community – Business Promotion Video

Local business can be a vital part of any community and include business operators, public agency staff, and residents – working together to improve their local area.

They often share resources, information, and assistance, as well as establish commercial relationships between local businesses and consumers.