The Client

Accomplished artist Robert Koenig has been carving wooden figures and reliefs for over 35 years. For this exhibition at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Robert produced a major new piece of work, especially for the large open church space.

Taking the form of a large mobile gallery-space – Memorial Structure created a space for contemplation, recollection, and reminiscence – decorated inside using differing techniques Robert has mastered over the past three and a half decades.

Reliefs and sculptural carvings in his distinctive style tackled themes of migration, loss, discrimination, fear and collective responsibility, and explore his own heritage as the son of Polish wartime refugees.

The Brief – Arts Exhibition Video

This commission was accompanied by a collection of Robert’s existing sculptures and reliefs in the Link gallery space, including large carved wooden reliefs from his ‘Portals’ series and a selection of his distinctive carved figures. Robert approached us with the idea of producing an exhibition video to support his work.

It needed to give an insight into not only the artwork itself but also the materials he used and his ethos. Robert loves working with wood so we knew we had to travel to his rustic studio in Brighton to film him at work. The earthy, rustic textures in his workshop reinforced his method and his passion for sculpting with wood.

The Outcome

The exhibition video toured with Robert’s work, and online. It is featured on both 20-21 Visual Art Centres website and Robert’s website and it was also shared on social media to promote the exhibition.


“20-21 Visual Arts Centre has never hesitated in recommending knows work to others. The gallery has commissioned them several times to make artist profiles, document our Museums at Night ‘happenings’ and even to collaborate with leading artists to create new work. The quality of their exhibition video and attention to detail speaks for itself.

Pete and Luke are full of innovative ideas, they know how to tell a captivating story and always make their subjects feel at ease, resulting in great interviews and footage. The team at know are never phased by a challenge, whether it be to digitally recreate an obscure, experimental mode of filmmaking from the 1960s or to capture the essence of an event.

Even though they work internationally, they are passionate about the local area. Through their work, they have clearly shown many of the great things North Lincolnshire has to offer ” – Michelle Lally, 2021 Visual Arts Centre