The Client

San Pietro is an Italian restaurant based in North Lincolnshire. Their 2 AA rosette fine dining restaurant uses the Sicilian heritage of their chef director Pietro as the inspiration for their menus.

Pietro’s passion for cooking comes from generations of his family and his mother, where his home was always full of fresh produce and the finest ingredients. Pietro has also spent time working with Michelin Star Giorgio Locatelli before opening San Pietro. Pietro’s passion drives the restaurant team and his visions become reality with their talented kitchen team.

The Brief – Restaurant Promo Video

This project really was something special. We approached San Pietro Restaurant with the idea of telling their story, a story that really means something. Their heritage is so rich, with Sicilian roots, authentic Sicilian produce and traditional cooking to match it wasn’t difficult for us to envision a mouth-watering film.

Designed to reinforce their unique place in the local market and to make the audience hungry, we created a cinematic documentary film that captures snippets of the local people, produce and cuisine.

We travelled to Sicily with their Chef Director Pietro and his family and we were greeted by so many friendly locals who were extremely passionate about the produce they were producing.

From winemakers to tomato growers, we shot plenty of lovely content. Our most memorable moment was arriving at the Regaleali wine estate vineyards at sunrise and capturing the most stunning material as the workers began their picking.

The dry soil began swirling in the air and the resulting atmosphere was just beautiful. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing! With all of our material shot in 4K, we were absolutely spoilt for choice in the edit.

The Outcome

We worked alongside the marketing team at San Pietro to make a series of edits that focus on different influences in Pietro’s life. These linked directly to various aspects of the customer experience at San Pietro.

The resulting restaurant promo video launched on their website and social media channels, successfully attracting new visitors to the restaurant and helping to shape their marketing strategy.