The Client

Winteringham Fields restaurant with rooms is based in Winteringham, North Lincolnshire. From farm to fork, Winteringham Fields take every opportunity to add flavour. That means tending, preparing and cooking each ingredient with the same level of care and precision. So when it reaches your table—whether it’s meat, vegetable, pulse, grain or non-dairy—it’s the freshest and finest you’ve ever tasted.

The Brief – Hotel Promotional Video

“Each day is a little different, and every visit is your own personal experience, which is lovingly nurtured and carefully prepared for the moment you arrive. Until the next time.” – Colin Mcgurran, Chef Patron

Chef Director Colin Mcgurran gave us a brief that granted us creative freedom to use a fresh, modern approach inspired by people’s emotional connection with not only the food they are eating, but also the atmosphere of their surroundings when they go out to eat. We created a cinematic lifestyle hotel promotional video to sell the brand, the experience and most importantly, the menu.

The Outcome

The brand video was utilised successfully on the Winteringham Fields home page to entice visitors to book, and paired with a call to action on social media the hotel promotional video drove bookings consistently throughout 2018 and 2019. The video’s success is down to its ability to evoke an emotional response with the target audience and inspire them to get in touch!